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Listen to my story, journey and movements behind the Framework Intelligence. 

Gratefully, M2 Advisory is entering a busy period again. The pandemic showed new ways to inform and support our customers with our knowledge and expertise. The podcast is a beautiful example of this.
I had the honour to have such an amazing list of guests in my podcast Consultancy Elite. The conservations are diverse from business strategies and executions, to more focus on the soft skills as (personal) leadership and people. Please note that we will publish more episodes whereas the feedback is very positive and inspires me to continue.

Recently I appeared as a guest on the podcast Storytelling, hosted by Samantha Roberts. Samantha aims to support with her movement 100 entrepreneurs within a short time frame, to generate revenues of $1000.000. She is supported and part of the mastermind’ group and entrepreneurs as Grant Cardone, Forbes Riley. Sharon Lechter, Brad Lea, JT Foxx, Pete Vargas, Dean  Dean Grazioso, Tony Robbins, Brain Walsh, John Lee, Bari Baumgardner and  Blue Melnick.

We will record a series of 6 mini podcasts where we focus and discuss on the mission and vision of M2 Advisory, the services and framework intelligence. The rationale is how and why to contribute to this movement together with this powerful group of entrepreneurs. The series of this podcast will be published under our discussion table, YouTube Channel M2 Advisory.

Listen to my story, journey and movements behind the Framework Intelligence.

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