Strategy, Financial and Risk Advisory Solutions for Financial and Government Organisations

About Strategy Advisory

M2 Advisory believes that the strength of organisations is encapsulated within the unique proposition of their process and structures. Through specialized expertise and thorough business optimization consulting, we help businesses develop sustainable and innovative solutions that ensure longevity, financial stability, and the flexibility and efficiency required to achieve sustained growth.

1. Programme Management Strategy

We translate strategic objectives and goals into programme management plans, cascaded into effective projects accordingly.  We determine key elements that support organisational change or financial goals. We understand the dynamics within the process and are able to provide clear structures and vision about governance and business objectives. Programme management for us means:

  • Advise and design programme management strategies, plans, project structures and governance;
  • Alignment with programme objectives, business strategies and stakeholders;
  • Evaluate policies, procedures and processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Governance financial and risk management

We review and perform assessments that identify key objectives for your financial and risk management. To further implement business performance and governance we design and assess the strategic roadmap and governance that contribute to  better financial results and alignment with your risk management activities. We support in:

  • Design and implement financial- and risk management governance;
  • Define and implement (business) ownership roles, tasks, responsibilities;
  • Design internal control frameworks.

3. Business optimization

Operational excellence is achieved by understanding and defining business processes lean and most efficient for the entire business and their competences:

  • Analyses and assessment on business process and process management;
  • Analyse outsourcing inquiries and alternative studies;
  • (Re) design engineering process management and data quality management.

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