Strategy, Financial and Risk Advisory Solutions for Financial and Government Organisations

Master tool for Efficiency and Effectiveness

M2 Advisory created a master tool helping to identify and improving the alignment within your organisation between vision, strategy and goals by incorporation all business aspects. It’s called the Framework Intelligence.”
For me this was a perfect tool it gives more insights in my organization with a minimum amount of time spent working with this framework.  It’s mainly online based and the outcomes are provided in a clear report.

–       Ludo Denissen, senior management /accountant NN Group, the Netherlands

Restructuring to Scale Up

Working with Marleen is an incredible experience. The vision that Marleen brings to the table is one that encapsulates your business and then drives it forward using strategic planning and unique framework.
This has allowed my business to restructure, rebuild, become more optimised in its approach, and is set to make me financial gains by the years end during an economic downturn and within the pandemic year. Marleen’s ability to generate a framework allowing the business to scale is nothing short of genius. A huge asset to my business and someone who I would highly recommend.

– Rehan Uddin, Founder Smart Dining, Indi Yang, United Kingdom

Strategy Roadmap Transition Data Company

Marleen is a (finance) professional and understands the challenges that business faces as no one else. She is innovative in her approach and way of working. With her finance background she created a future roadmap and financial plan accordingly to scale up easily.
Her network and experience working with large corporates and using these structures and processes as benchmark was very beneficiary to navigates the company and stay focus on the delivery.
Working with Marleen is always pleasant and inspiring. I enjoy working with her because of her professionalism, knowledge, experience and character.

– Dax Kho, Founder / CTO EasyRom, The Netherlands