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You don’t start a business for one day, you start a business to create a legacy and to achieve success over a long period of time

– Marleen Somohardjo

For as long as I can remember, I have been helping my friends execute their ideas and achieve tangible results. This is perhaps why during my studies, I naturally gravitated to majors in entrepreneurship, strategy, and finance.

Marleen’s Journey

In 2008, my entrepreneurial journey started with my first company, Marleen Somohardjo Interim Management & Consultancy, which was founded in the Netherlands. Today, with more than 15 years’ experience, I am expanding my business and services globally with M2 Advisory.

Marleen Somohardjo is the founder of M2 Advisory, author, and finance & risk management expert. Marleen holds a Masters of Science in Business Economics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and graduated in Strategy & Entrepreneurship. Since her graduation, Marleen always wanted to lead and own a management consultancy company.  Soon after her graduation in 2004, Marleen began her career at KPMG where she worked for four years within business advisory services dedicated to the financial sector.

Working within large influential corporates founded Marleen’s management consultancy skills and she honed into the subject of programme management strategy and governance for financial and risk management.

With her ample experience in programme management strategy, business optimization and risk, and financial management, Marleen is considered an accomplished leader in her field of expertise.

She is the author of the popular E-book; Maximize Your Cash Flow, 5 pillars to profits, a guide for business executives and entrepreneurs that focuses on profitability and sustainable solutions.

In 2020, Marleen introduced the framework Intelligence tool to M2 Advisory’s Services. This innovative management tool automatically elevates business performance through integrating and prioritizing financial & risk management throughout every discipline. This framework intelligence service is bespoke and is particularly geared towards FINTECH, e-commerce, logistics, retail sectors, and the financial and risk management niche, introducing a unique and innovative element to the management consultancy space within these industries.


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