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Problem: Transition and compliancy accounting principles IFRS 9
Solution: Programme plan support implementation central head office approach that also enables Business Units to implement their separate IFRS 9 local accounting rules. Realisation of accounting principles is throughout standardisation and efficiency within processes, definitions and data deliveries.
Results: Readiness parallel runs 2020/2021 and IFRS 9 compliance per effective date within accounting reports and disclosures for Group Finance and Business Units.

Problem: Transition central programme management office to decentral programme office to align cost reduction objectives
Solution: design programme plan and strategy, improve programme office processes and QQ, design governance financial reporting
Results: Implement programme management office to facilitate 35 projects valued executing budget EUR. 42 million

Problem: Management information for internal control and performance management
Solution: Determine KPI metrics, management accounting and financial reporting
Results: Governance financial management, integration data management infrastructure and enhanced decision making process


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