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Women’s History Month

Happy International Women’s day!

In honour and humbleness for all phenomenal female examples worldwide we celebrate International Women’s Day with love and gratitude.

Alongside celebrating Women’s History Month, M2 Advisory contributes and holds space for female founders and women in general during this special month. In the special podcast series SPEAK UP, hosted by the wonderful Valerie V. Kim, I am featured as female founder within the financial industry and my view on women’s empowerment.

In short my view on women empowerment is that I find that women in general have a special gift in creating, nurturing and embracing challenges in life. We are able to use our capabilities, even with limited resources, to build relationships and communities. It shows our independence and tenaciousness to bring, grace, dignity and change for the best. I’ve learned from the best, my grandmother and mother are amazing examples and I am thankful for their legacy.
I feel it starts with believing in yourself and taking responsibility for educating our standards and business approach.
As women we educate male dominated environments by showcasing that our approach is different, yet effective and successful.

Take your stage and shine ladies, we deserve!

Listen to the SPEAK UP podcast episode

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