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Coming together is a beginning,
Keeping together is progress,
Working together is succes.
– Henry Ford

This quote says it all summing up the reasons M2 Advisory hosts discussion tables with colleagues to build, engage and challenge business topics that further amplify success levels within our audience’s personal or business journey.

It has been a while, however we are back with our new series Discussion Tables with colleagues in different sectors.
We created new discussion tables together with our connection in Dubai and Saudi Arabia on the topics and meaning of brand and brand management in the new economy. Our guest is Nina Seredai, owner of the brand and brand management company, Ninth Space Design. Ninth space design is a company focused on delivering high end brand management strategies. Their client base consists of brands such as Expo 2020, Four seasons, mall of emirates, Dubai ladies club and much more with more than 20 years of experience in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

In precious interviews, podcasts or discussion tables I often expressed my opinion regarding the new development of new economies for example metaverse, ecosystems and financial impact on the business performance. To discuss my thoughts and ideas more in depth, I invited Nina as brand management specialist to analyse and discuss this from her point of view. I wanted to share this with you. We had a powerful and insightful discussion on how brand is being perceived and often scarified for economic reasons.
To my opinion brand is equal to the company’s identity and reducing expenses for this within your company budget favourably impact short terms profits, however from a risk management considered a strategic risk nowadays. With more online exposure and cyber threats brands are easily impacted that either will be perceived as strategic risk and financial risk, difficult to quantify and thus large impact on the company’s capital.

Another important point to mention from our discussion table is the role of leadership that exude brand and its brand management. Firm and bold decisions to prioritise brand within the economic developments is a robust strategy to position yourself within the market.
Leadership determines and execute the company’s mission and vision and the brand is part of your existence and articulating of the mission.
The impact on risk management and the how to value the financial intangible asset on your balance sheet is topic for the following discussion tables.

I’m curious about your thoughts on this and please share them.

For now, join us in our discussion on our Discussion Table available on
M2 Advisory’s YouTube channel.

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