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M2 Advisory has already been registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain for 3 years. The journey was challenging whilst the first year of registration was approved in Q4 2019. To finalise the registration I needed to submit the formal documentation in 2020, however with the pandemic escalating in March 2020 the challenges also increased. The first opportunity to travel to the Kingdom of Bahrain was in Q4 2020 by then already we faced a year off standstill with the formal registration and finding an appropriate office. Nevertheless, during 2020, 2021 and 2022, I continued building on the network and business remotely and we are grateful that our network is extending, for example the new discussion tables. The discussion tables are in collaboration with Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

We can also proudly add to our network the platform. is a platform that portrays inspiring and innovative women entrepreneurs, who are changing the face of business by fearlessly daring to pursue their dreams.
Throughout the years, Executive Women has developed into a multi-cultural Business Hub that encompasses journeys and expertise, while bridging existing businesses, and activating new ones.

For this reason I feel only most honoured and humbled to be featured on their platform and contributing to their powerful network.

I was portrayed in and featured with an article regarding the Framework Intelligence in addition strategies to maximise your cash flows.

The article describes the 5 pillars to profits, strategies to maximise your cash flows and outlines that financial literacy requires both the understanding of financial data alongside strategising, prioritizing, and incorporating the company’s strategies. The 5 pillars within the Framework Intelligence represent the holistic approach that balances and optimizes the importance of financial and risk management, and therefore propels your financial understandings.

I hope you enjoy the reading and would love to learn more about your thoughts on this.

For more information you can also download the summary of the Ebook: Maximise Your Cash Flow, 5 pillars to profits or contact us.

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