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Let’s celebrate the power of connection!

Dear everyone,

We’re proudly celebrating our first anniversary Discussion Tables on our YouTube Channel M2 Advisory.

One year ago we started our sessions across the ocean, US, Europe, The Netherlands, Germany, and nowadays in the UAE, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Together with our valued business partners, Samantha Roberts, Kornelia Zegiel, Hjalmar van der Schaaf and Nina Seradai we created powerful and insightful discussions to connect our client, audience and other industries. The objective is to create awareness about economic developments and share our views on topics in our field of expertise.

It’s our mission to deliver value and service and we love to hear your thoughts to further increase quality and content. We are most delighted to serve you, because without you this would not be possible. We  appreciate your subscriptions, shares and likes on our videos in order to reach more people.

Join us our series of discussions regarding:

– Finance
– Risk management
– Leadership in new economics
– Economic developments
– Business strategies and
– Digitalisation and transformation

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our audience, clients and followers for your support. We love sharing our thoughts and experiences and look forward to delivering more sessions in the future. As we continue these sessions, please keep us informed on how you would like to be informed, inspired and/or connected to specific topics and discussions.

We look forward to hearing from you and delivering more sessions!
For now let’s celebrate and follow us on our YouTube channel M2 Advisory.


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