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Dear everyone,

We are in the month of August and I found this the month of power and motion. This is why!

As we as M2 Advisory are in the phase of our clients evaluating their strategies and our collaboration we are taking our services with them to the next level. In addition we utilised this moment to (re)connect with our audience and clients via various ways, we appeared at the Brilliance Business TV show and have been interviewed for the Business Innovators Radio.

I enjoyed the appearance and interview, it gives us the opportunity to share my mission helping CFO’s, COO’s  and entrepreneurs in their journey to create sustainable financial results from different platforms. When we listen to our clients and customers we are able to elevate our high end quality service even more bespoke within our platform profit solutions. This is the reason, I love sharing my mission as the feedback and comments that I receive, are our fuel to improve and enhance our services and product. I have learned over the years that the correlation between customer’s feedback supports us in understanding market development and future predictions. From here we have the responsibility to respond more adequately with our service and business development accordingly.

Join me in the elaborative conversation on Business Innovators Radio with Brilliance Business TV host Mark Stephen Pooler and myself.

Click here for the interview:

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