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Importance of financial literacy

Dear everyone,

Time to reflect…..When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I had a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve with my consulting service. Over the years, I made it my life purpose to educate people with their financial and entrepreneurial journey. This starts with converting my vision into profits and staying financially healthy over a long period of time.
Over a period of more than 10 years I’ve built on my companies and shared my knowledge throughout interim management or consultancy assignments. What I love the most in my work is that you see the progress and success that executives and entrepreneurs create within their journey. The love and passion is the fuel for their trajectory and helping people towards a healthy and balanced environment is one of my favourite deliveries in the world.
For this reason, I was invited to be a guest on Valerie Prasetyo podcast.
Valerie asked me to  share financial literacy topics with her audience. Valerie is a host and wonderful world champion athlete dancer Valerie Prasetyo. As no other she understands the importance of balance and health for your business as she needed to apply these qualities within her professional career.

In the podcast episode we discuss the mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to finances, cash flow maximisation strategies, criteria to focus on in case you are going to sell your business, risk management and other important financial aspects. We concluded that passion and vision are important as they serve as fuel for your business.
Nevertheless, when building a profitable business, elements such as financial literacy, understanding of spreadsheets and constant measurements of your business performance are required to sustain and thrive.

If you’re passionate about your financial health, tune in to the podcast to listen to our conversation:

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