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The month of September is the month of Psychology of Money for M2 Advisory. In a series of Instagram live and Youtube series, M2 Advisory partnered with Valerie Prasetyo, former world champion dancer, and bestselling author to discuss topics addressing mindset and goal setting around money and wealth.

From a psychological point of view, the discussion regarding money is one that is approached from goals, surroundings and beliefs (positive and negative).
When we designed the Framework Intelligence, strategic goals in addition to being in control of your finance are the beliefs that support the methodology.

With the Framework Intelligence as a service we empower business leaders, entrepreneurs and executives in their decision making processes within their entire journey and creating their roadmap to success.
The alignment between goals, mindset and surroundings is parallel to determining strategic goals and measuring your financial results.

During the economic downfall we’re now facing, we endure geopolitical insecurity, increase in resource prices, inflation and dependencies within the value chain. This demands re-strategising, pivoting your business and (more) focus on stabilising profits and profit margins.

The framework and pillars encapsulates the optimised setting of core competence and business performance, resulting in strong and viable financial results.

The benefits are:
– Performance enhancements
– Prescan audit and audit trail
– Remain in control about your process and process flow
– Efficient process and internal controls to better manage
– Maximise your cash flow for operations, investments and financing

Together with the Framework you’re able to increase the business and ecosystem impact that is related to the company’s financial strategy, the convenience on how to run the business and environment and create a continuous wealth.

Interested in how we can create sustainable growth for your business, feel free to contact us.

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