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Finance & Mitigating risks

Are we on track with our strategic goals and financial performance in Q2? As the Q1 financial numbers and business performance are known, next steps are that we focus on improving and elevating internal processes,  and align risk management to increase efficiency and effectiveness regarding performance and results.

Why do I emphasise that the Q2 period plays a significant factor in improving your processes? In my opinion the Q1 numbers and indicators are the result of the previous year’s improvement efforts and Q2 period allows the organisation to bring results, indicators and improvements together to dictate year’s end trajectory.  In order to meet your strategic goals, alignment with risk management and robust improvements for performance are needed. This ensures that enhancements are encapsulated within processes, policies and implementations accordingly.

With our Framework Intelligence we are able to assess where you need to alter your processes in order to align our business performance and results.
From a qualitative approach the metrics provide information that improve your internal process control, thus steering towards positive financial results. The rationale behind the Framework Intelligence is to give back control to operations to efficiently elevate business performance. The holistic approach to optimising critical business services ensures excellence while mitigating risk is core of the Framework. I advocate that fundamental risk management is part of your business processes.
By mitigating risks the focus remains on gains and losses are being prevented. To my opinion this is a prerequisite for sustainable, financially viable and generating operating cash flows.
If you follow your roadmap Q2 is the perfect moment to measure and alter the Q1 results for a successful financial year end.

In this short video I explain the 5 pillars within the Framework Intelligence to elevate your process, be more in control and create financial results in line with your strategic goals.

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