Strategy, Financial and Risk Advisory Solutions for Financial and Government Organisations

M2 Advisory specializes in Strategy, Financial and Risk Management Solutions.

With our expertise in strategies, financial and risk management, we ensure highly effective, bespoke, and economical solutions that improve business efficiency, optimize processes and financial performance for business executives, C-suite, senior leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Strategy Consultancy

M2 Advisory’s Strategy Management Advisory service provides strategic advice and solutions regarding program management, governance for financial and risk management, and all-encompassing business improvement. Through specialized expertise and thorough business optimization consulting, we help businesses develop sustainable and innovative solutions that ensure longevity, financial stability, and the flexibility and efficiency required to achieve sustained growth.

● Programme Management Strategy
● Governance Financial and Risk Management
● Business Optimization

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Platform Profit Solutions

M2 Advisory’s Platform Profit Solutions provides innovative solutions to optimize overall business performance. We propel financial results, increase efficiency and effectiveness within critical business processes, and strengthen competitiveness.

Working with a variety of clients across a wide range of industries, M2 Advisory are experts at unlocking the potential of existing digital infrastructures while implementing multi-dimensional solutions for lasting success.

● Framework Intelligence

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Founder of M2 Advisory, Marleen Somohardjo, has been a respected name within the management consulting industry for many years, from her time as a KPMG advisor to starting her own company over ten years ago.

Her experience and acclaimed network enabled her to create a company that delivers comprehensive, integrated, and cost-effective consultancy services on a global scale.

M2 Advisory represents an assured ability to combine professional knowledge and innovative solutions within a variety of organizational and environmental situations. M2 Advisory offers tailor-made, Programme Management Strategies, Finance, Risk management and Business Optimization solutions that allow our cherished clients to realize their objectives and achieve sustained, profitable growth.


Our blogs give you an update on our company’s activities and plans. The company’s founder will share her thoughts and insights with our esteemed customers.

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Listen how we see the world and share our positive messages to create beautiful movements and collaborations in our podcast. In our podcast interviews with our special guests, elite consultants, we discuss business strategies, future and sustainable solutions in economic situations, macro-economic developments, and personal beliefs.

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Learn how we can help your business? M2 Advisory hosts Discussion Tables with strategy consultants, business executives and business owners to lecture and discuss their fields of expertise for their target audience.

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